Going to travel to China? Requires COVID-19 tests

China covid tests is required, to enter in China

Have you checked your travel requirements yet? For China COVID Test, PCR test is required.

China covid tests request since January 8 at 2023, the system for entering China requires present a mandatory China COVID test: PCR test.

In the world, due to differences in the vaccination process and the vulnerability of different populations, there are still countries that require the presentation of test. At the moment, to travel to China PCR test is still required.

If you are going to travel to China, you should prepare your trip in advance and schedule the respective China COVID tests.

Sigma Saúde performs COVID-19 tests quickly and with safe and efficient techniques.​

You can consult all rules and regulations regarding travel requirements in the following application.

Frequently asked questions about China COVID tests.

Currently, there are several places where the possibility of carrying out this test is offered. You just have to ensure that the place where you are going to carry out the test is certified and communicates the results to the respective authorities of the country where you are. If you are in Lisbon, you can take a PCR test in one of our units, accessing our online appointment schedule.

After the end of the state of emergency in Portugal, it is no longer possible to carry out a free PCR test for COVID-19. At this time, you will only be able to carry out a free test if you have symptoms of COVID-19, that is, you are suspected of being positive for COVID-19. If you need to take a travel test, you can do it in one of our units by accessing our online appointment schedule.

The COVID-19 PCR test in Lisbon can be done in laboratories or clinics, at a cost. At SIGMA SAÚDE, you can take your test in the comfort of your home, at a cost of €80.00, or if you prefer, go to one of our clinics at a cost of €68.00. If you need to take a travel test, you can do it in one of our units by accessing our online appointment schedule.

Other frequently asked questions from our customers about China COVID tests

The COVID-19 PCR test is performed using a swab, which is introduced into the nasal cavity for about 15 seconds. The process is painless, it may only cause a slight sensation of sensitivity in the nose.

The PCR test, consists of a laboratory test, which, through the collection of nasal exudate, allows you to assess the presence of the virus that causes the disease COVID. It is recommended to use this test in the presence of symptoms and in the first 5 days of their manifestation.

As mentioned above, the PCR test is reliable, as long as it is carried out in a site qualified for the purpose and its indication is respected.

The presence of a false positive result in a PCR test is very unlikely, since if the sample reacts positively it is because residues of the virus have been detected.

The PCR test is intended to be used for the diagnosis of COVID disease.
The test may also be applied in other scenarios, such as in the case of mass testing of the population or in the case of travel as a requirement to enter the country, assuming in these circumstances a more preventive nature.

We cannot evaluate the tests as the best or the worst. Each has a different therapeutic indication. In the case of the PCR test, this is the most sensitive test on the market and the only test usually accepted for confirming COVID-19 infection. More than evaluating the best test, you should always adapt the test to your requirements, whether due to illness or travel.

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