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The tests are available for the value 68€ (teste PCR) e 15€ (teste antigénio).


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Where to do your PCR test in Lisbon?

The COVID PCR test in Lisbon can be performed in private and public health establishments. The Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Directorate General of Health, provides a list of authorized locations with the possibility of 100% co-payment by the government, which can be consulted here.

Unlike rapid antigen tests, the COVID-19 PCR test requires the existence of a laboratory, capable of processing the sample.

In partnership with a laboratory, SIGMA SAUDE has the capacity to process the sample from the COVID-19 PCR test in Lisbon. We have a team of nurses who work at a fixed post, located in the heart of Lisbon, next to the Marques de Pombal roundabout, where we can safely collect your analysis for the COVID-19 PCR test.

The COVID-19 PCR test can also be performed in the comfort of your home, and in complete safety, making your health closer, without increasing fees, guaranteeing the same value, so that health is accessible to everyone.

How much does the test COVID-19 cost in Lisbon?

The price of the COVID-19 PCR test in Lisbon varies from laboratory to laboratory, and there is no universal price between different providers. The average price of tests in reference laboratories varies between €90 and €120. If you choose to pick up at your home, there will be a travel fee of €20 to €30.

SIGMA SAUDE has a fixed price of €68 for the COVID-19 PCR test in Lisbon, and if you choose to do it in the comfort of your own home, we do not add travel fees. In addition, we send the result within 12 hours to your email.

COVID-19 test for travel with digital certificate

How COVID-19 tests work?

The rapid antigen test allows you to quickly detect the presence of infection, through a protein produced by the virus, when the infection already exists.

The RT-PCR test is the most specific test for diagnosing SARS-COV-2 infection, this test searches for infection by nasopharyngeal swab collection.

SIGMA SAÚDE is your ideal partner to carry out your test safely and quickly.

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